Why Psychics should give FREE tarot readings

You will never guess how many times I have had to field this question from people. In fact most of the time I rather not answer it at all for the simple reason that the question in itself is shallow and unjustified.

After all my “gift” was given to me for free and so I should not take advantage of this and charge people (apparently).

The majority of people who ask the question ‘Why Psychics should give FREE tarot readings’ (Note I say majority not all) are those people who moan about how life is unfair and often asked by people from a similar social or economic standing.

They have no drive or passion in their life and so feel it’s their right and duty to direct this at other people who are moving on or achieving things in their lives.

By throwing their negativity (which let’s be honest it is) at other people, they are hoping that it will in some way ‘rub off’ and like some kind of magic eraser, free them and make their lives instantly better.

This is the same person who in 10 years’ time will be doing exactly the same things as they are doing
right now.

You may have heard of the definition of insanity – “doing the same thing time and time again but expecting a different result”. Well this is their insanity and consequently everyone else’s fault.

So going back to the original question “Why Psychics should give FREE tarot readings” Let me turn this around for a second.

Let’s presume that you are currently working and in employment. To be hired by the company you are working for it is fair to say that you must have some kind of gift or ability, otherwise if you did not, you would not be working there, right?

So if you have this skill or ability……why are you being paid for it? Why are you charging for doing this work?

The answer and my response when people ask why I charge for readings is simply this….

“I do not charge for my gift. I do however charge for my time and my energy”