What is Your Lifes Purpose?

Whats is your lifes purpose

What is Your Lifes Purpose

One question I get asked a lot is “What is my life’s purpose?” or “what is my life’s goal?”. To answer these questions I tell a simple story…..

There was once a man who loved running. Initially he ran for his health, but after a while he found that he enjoyed it so much that he ran for the freedom and the enjoyment it brought him.

Every Saturday he would run through his local park. It was an amazing place to run, free amongst nature, amongst the trees and the flowers, listening to the sounds of the world around him.

His run would take him across a wooden bridge which span a river, and one day as he came to the bridge he noticed a young women standing in the middle, looking withdrawn and distant.

He stopped by the women and ask if she was ok (sometimes the most meaningful words a person can ask), and she confided in him (being a stranger) that she was pregnant and the father of the child wanted nothing to do with her. In fact she was so depressed, that she was considering ending her life that very day.

The man began to tell her about the wonders of parenthood. How a child can bring so much into your life and indeed if she was thinking of ending her life, she would in fact be taking that of her unborn child as well. He begged her to reconsider her actions and to think carefully before she did anything too hasty.

He gave her his phone number and bid her farewell, making her promise to call if she needed anything.

Time went by and the women gave birth to a beautiful girl. The girl exceeded in school and went onto medical school Eventually she went on (at an early age) to discover a cure for Cancer that would save millions of lives.

The women never forgot the man, and although 30 years had passed, she still kept that number. She decided to call the number and to thank the man for saving hers and her child’s life.

After a few rings, the phone was answered by lady. The women asked after the man and there was a pause.

The lady advised that the man passed away some 30 years earlier. He had been out running and when he got home told his wife about a young women he meet on the bridge in the park. She recounted the story of how this women, although pregnant, was considering ending her life, and that he hoped he had given her enough encouragement and strength to carry on.

That night he passed away in his sleep.

Ok so maybe not a great story but is does raise and emphasis a few questions, if the man’s life purpose was to save the young women and the child.

Supposing he had a psychic reading and was told that his life’s purpose was to save this women on the bridge – would he still carry on running? Would he have continued running through the park where the bridge was? What if he did and he saw the women and decided to turn back and not say anything at all?

You see rather than keep asking “what is my life’s purpose?“, maybe you should be asking “Am I still on the right path to complete my life’s purpose?

You wont get the answer to the first question, but you will for the second.

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