What exactly is a Twin Flame?

What exactly is a Twin Flame?

You may have heard of this phrase, maybe even someone has said this to you. You feel a strong connection and everything just feels right and you know immediately you have met your twin flame.

The problem is what you think is a twin flame and what one is might actually come as a shock to you. I for one was not aware of the implications until in a recent reading, my guides took over the reading and gave very specific points on what twin flames are.

The reading started off as follows

…Twin flames is phrase that is often used out of context and one that you need to be careful of. Twin flames is not about romance (although this can be confused with such as to the intensity).
Twin flames are those people who have a connection and can be with the same sex or the opposite sex. These are mirror images of ourselves and often than not are a connection to a past life or past event.

A twin is normally a past family member and can be a brother or sister that you had in a past life, but due to the connection and the family love that is given, this more often gets confused. This is why many twins who embark on a romantic nature may get hurt or get divided as the universe will naturally pull you apart. This is hard but we do this for your own good.

Twins can come into your life as a lesson, or as part of each other’s journey to help each other get to where you need to go.

So from the start it’s apparent that twin flames are not a romantic connection and past or present, which many people are lead to believe and (as you can read) can get confusing with the love that is felt.

The reading continued with a interesting insight though…

“….As twins you are connected always and you will cross each other in your minds, dreams and on your astral journeys. This will not change as with other twins this is the way it is and will remain. You will feel pain, joy and even sorrow at times around your twin. Likewise they will feel the same around you too. “

This for me know makes sense as to why so many people feel this strong connection and pull. And although not everyone will agree with this insight, has been an very enlightening eye opener!

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