What are Psychic Photo Readings?

Psychic Photo reading

So what is a psychic photo reading and why would anyone want a reading of a photograph?

There are a number of reasons behind this and unlike tarot readings or crystall ball, allows the reader to connect with the person in the photo to deliver messages and information as requested.

The most common reasons for a photo reading are as follows:

Locate a Missing Person / Cold Cases

If a person is missing or the police have an unsolved case or cold case, then psychic detectives would use (among other things) a photo of the person in question to assist the police on possible locations/areas of where the missing person is.

Although in the case of murders, the information from the Psychic cannot be used as evidence in court, the information they supply will certainly go a long way to helping solving murders.

There have been reports that the information provided by the Psychic is so accurate, that they have themselves been held as suspects to some cases – luckily this is not so much the issue today.

At the time of writing, im aware that police forces in the US, UK, Australia and South Africa use Psychic Detectives on a regular basis for cold cases and locating missing persons.

Connect with a loved one in Spirit

Connecting with a loved one in spirit can be done a number of ways, but a photo is one of the easiest. A psychic can bring a person through and give evidential information along with confirmation of events and timeframes.

Although it’s rare for a person to ask for a connection this way (after all most Psychic Mediums can connect directly spirits), I have had this during a reading where the person wanted me to connect with someone specific who was a friend rather than a family member, and produced a photo for me to look at.

General Information about a person.

It is possible to read a persons photo who is not in spirit also. This might be a case if you are concerned about your partner being unfaithful or just want to ensure your kids are going to be ok in future years.

The main reason I get asked for these types of photo readings is for potential new partners. If you knew how many online dating photos I have had to look at you will laugh – but the principle is the same. I have correctly found out who the cheaters are on these sites and those not looking for long term commitments.

So if you are reading this and on a dating site you have been warned 😀


Whatever your reason for needing a photo reading done, try and get a picture of the person in the most natural setting and location. And remember the information given is to help and advise you only.


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