What are Poltergeists

If we take the literal meaning of the word Poltergeist from the German “Noisy Ghost” the definition is a “type of ghost or other supernatural entity which is responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed. They are purportedly capable of pinching, biting, hitting, and tripping people.”

Noisy most likely refers to the disturbances as the definition outlines, but the word ghost or spirit can refer to a number of different options (read my article on the different types of spirit for more information).

So by definition is any spirit that attempts to communicate, move and object, etc is then classed as a poltergeist? In short the answer is no!

The definition and as such the word is a general brush stroke to define actions of spirit or in this case when they do something physical.

Case in kind only happend to me this week at a house cleansing. As I chatted with the home owner, I happened to be leaning against the counter in the kitchen, when I was physically pushed away. My first instinct was maybe the counter had moved and was not secure in place, and a quick check confirmed all was ok.

In fact the client even said that they watched as I was pushed – Poltergeist activity?

As it turned out, I spoke to the spirit in question (turned out to the client’s Sister who had passed) and they had pushed me as they felt I was slouching and (in their eyes) being disrespectful.

Such action however could have been portrayed as an angry ghost not as one who wanted me to stand up straight (and) was not angry in the least.

So are all poltergeists bad? No – in most cases the activity if called upon is a way of communication from the spirit to the person asking for something to happen or confirmation of spirit.

So what about those times when activity occurs when the spirit is not called upon?

Again you need to look at the circumstances first. In most cases this can be attributed to spirit wanting to be noticed and attempting to communicate.

In other cases it might be something they are not happy about and then are using physical to communicate and get your attention to the issue or problem is fixed – this is more Poltergeist activity.

Again a personal experience when I lived in Horsham (UK). The spirit of a young teenage girl had made herself know to me and although the relationship started well, soon turned in such away that she wanted constant attention (one which I was not willing to give).

This soon resulted in kitchen cupboard doors being opened and slammed shut in the night, waking up to find all the doors open including that of the fridge and the freezer, even footsteps stomping up and down my corridor outside my bedroom door (which eventually led to the bedroom door being flung open at night.

So before you rush off to find a local priest, best get in a Medium to first as communication is key to finding out what the actual issue is first.

Had an experience with Poltergeists? Why not tell us about it.