Using Ouija Board Dangers

Using Ouija Board Dangers

Using Ouija Board Dangers and issues

The Ouija board has been burned, banned and debunked. Some say it’s a channel to the dead and a portal for evil entities. Others say the Ouija board is a harmless fortune-telling board game.

One of the using Ouija Board dangers is naivety and is the Ouija’s biggest allie with many people simply not wanting to know, understand and those whom come from strong religious faiths are happy to say its the work of the devil and not fully understand the actual dangers AND how to actually protect (correctly) those who have been involved in such dangers.


@BaalTommySU I know!! I had a weird experience with a Ouija board!!

Of course there are those that simply see it as a game and the fact that Parkers in their first year of sales in toy stores saw their boards outselling Monopoly, shows even more naivety on it’s actual dangers.

As my mentor once said to me – “Mark, it would be more humane to give a child a loaded gun, than to give them a Ouija Board!”

Most mediums worldwide who have extensive background and knowledge of working with spirit, would not touch these boards, so why would we then inflict them onto our children?

To start with, protection is required before any work is done on these boards. Someone who is trained and can recognise negative entities must be in control and finally (after the session) the board will need to be closed down correctly, before protection is given to those involved (and that includes EVERYONE who was in the room or near vicinity).

The main using Ouija board dangers is that it opens up portals – simple as that. This allows ANY spirit (negative or otherwise) to come through, and because most are used by untrained and uneducated persons, then the likelihood of getting something negative through is very high!

It would be more humane to give a child a loaded gun, than to give them a Ouija Board! Click To Tweet

Even using a pendulum with pieces of paper with the words, Yes, No, Hello and Goodbye is enough to invoke a basic but very dangerous Ouija (more on pendulums another time).

What to do if someone has used an Ouija in your home? 

1 If possible destroy the board an contents.

I know that sounds easy but if possible destroy the board by burning it (this includes paper or what other form it takes). Then take the ashes and bury them

2 Protect the home

Ask Archangel Michael to protect the property and those that are within including any visitors that may come to the home. Also sprinkle a line of Sea Salt across thresholds in the home to keep out negative energies.

3 Call in the experts.

Get a professional to come in (medium, sharman, etc) to come in and smudge and cleanse the home. Make sure that they are using White Californian Sage and nothing else!

Important Note: Distance cleansing does not work! It may help to “clear” energies in the home, but it is only short term and the energies can return. Make sure that the person comes to your home.

Of course the best solution is prevention and proper education. Keep safe!

Got any more questions about Ouija? Then reply below and happy to answer any questions you may have on this!