Taboos you should break – are psychics accurate (and other things)

Taboos you should break – are psychics accurate (and other things)

One question I get asked a lot is are you 100% accurate with your readings? What this tells me is that the person in question does not understand what a psychic reading is and what they can expect from a reading.

So lets start to debunk some of the Taboos around Psychic readings and their accuracy.

are psychics accurate
are psychics accurate?

Psychics are 100% accurate all of the time.

No. In fact a good psychic will be around 85% – 95% accuracy on their readings. Yes in some cases the reading will come 100% throughout, but not always.

The reason is that a Psychic reading is a guide to what may happen based upon your current path you are taking at a specific time. If Psychics were 100% accurate then they are basically saying that you have no choices or options to make in life – does that sit well with you?

Of course not! So a reading is a guide not an absolute this is whats going to happen like it or lump it.

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Psychics can tell your fortune.

No, no and no…these are called fortune tellers and they do not exist! Again psychics will give you guidance based on the information they channel at the time of your reading. Yes it is possible for something major to come through that will affect your life and subsequently you can be prepared for it.

Psychics know when you are going to die.

Sometimes we are given that information but not always. In fact unless we ask it is something that is not going to be general knowledge to us. Most important is that we are not allowed to tell you when you time is going to be!

Psychics know when you are going to get cancer.

Really? Again we may get indication of an illness but guess what? We are not medical doctors and again we are not allowed to pass on such information even if it is made apparent to us. We can advise to see a doctor around a certain time but that is as far as we can go.

Psychics just do readings and thats it!

Again sorry to break this taboo but it is far from the truth. Depending on our abilities, some can give healing, support and even counselling to their clients. And because this information is provided direct to us rather than through learning it, the information tends to be relevant, and helpful than traditional methods which leads to the questions are psychics accurate?

Are Psychics accurate? Have you experienced more than just a reading? Why not let me know your experiences!

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