Soul Message

I have always had the ability to talk to the dead, heck they used to wake me up as a kid to talk… they still do!

Ever since I was trained to use this ability I have wanted to use it to help others. To help others understand as I do now. I never used to understand why I was able to see and hear things others didn’t. Why I hated looking into a mirror. I always felt normal. I never felt a freak or anything, but I had a desire to understand why, why this was happening to me and not everyone else around me.

I want to make a difference in this world, I want to help people. I don’t like seeing people being ripped off and hurt.

I started my training around my mid-thirties, which is about 15yrs ago. That’s how long I have been helping people. Even though this work is draining emotionally and physically I enjoy it.

I have received abuse and ridicule and on occasion been told I was a fake. Those did bring me down and reduce my self-belief and esteem. Which happens to everybody who is abused and shunned for showing their truth.

They didn’t understand this gift and didn’t want to understand so I shied away from telling people. Those that did not shun me were a handful and so I felt safe around them. Word got around as it does as they spoke about it and not me and so slowly it got out and people came to me in drips and drabs for help.

It is only since meeting Charmaine and Moving to Cape Town, South Africa that I started to promote myself as a medium and build a website around it and create social media accounts around my gift. At first, I was afraid of being rejected again, with Charmaine standing by my side I relaxed a little.

I have however remained true to my desire and that is to help others with my gift. With help I realised that the support behind me is stronger than those abusing and shunning me and so I tell you all now, I am here for, I hear you and want to help you.

It is important for me to get this message out as I know it will only make me stronger and more able to help the World and hopefully help others speak up and help as well. I know how hard it is to be your truth without being judged, belittled, or shunned. I have learnt that so long as you are willing and have the energy to look beyond them and behind you at your support team, you will overcome them and strengthen with each step you take as you walk past them.

It has taken me this long to share my souls’ message because it has taken Charmaine a lot of explaining and a little pushing I might add, with a dash of tough love to get me to this point in my life of sharing my story, even though I am in the process of writing a biography of it.
If she didn’t and doesn’t do so on what seems a constant basis of explaining to me that people need to know me, need to know why I do what I do, need to know what I go through, etc then I might as well not do it.

As I have said previously I do this to help others as I needed help understanding why I was experiencing the things I had growing up, some things that scared the crap out of me and still do. The people coming to me to talk that were passed over.
I know now that they either just wanted to chat or have a message they want/need to pass on to a loved one.
I know that not everyone can hear their guides and the dead and that is why I was gifted this precious gift; which somedays if I am honest feels like a curse more than a gift.

I was holding back on sharing my souls’ desire to help as I didn’t want an influx of people wanting free readings and to become fodder for those looking to shun and ridicule Mediums. My road is not an easy one, never has been and I didn’t want to do anything to add to it.

Charmaine has given me the courage I needed to open up and be vulnerable to my souls’ desire to help others. This step has been a hard one. I have finally cracked open that shell of protection I have been wearing for so long.

I have opened up in the past to a handful of people; those who have been genuinely interested in my story and who I felt no judgement or ridicule from. There is no better time than now to lay my life on a plate for all to see. If not today when?

My soul message is going to help because it is letting everyone know that I do not do this for money I do this for love. For the love of helping others. For as long as I can recall, I have only ever wanted to help others. I was always happier giving than receiving.

It can only be done for love I feel as the amount of energy used to do readings, cross overs, etc is staggering and to charge for that would be neighing impossible. It would mean only the million and billionaires could afford such a widely needed service.
Which is not fair.

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