Psychic Email readings by mediums

Email Tarot Readings

For the reading we just need your name and any question(s) you would like answered – Please choose from one of the three packages below that best meets your requirements:

Silver Reading includes your one question to ask. This is ideal if you have a specific question to ask.

Gold Reading includes your three questions to ask, whether you need answers on a specific situation or concern, or would like a general reading on the next 6 months.

Platinum Reading includes your five questions to ask plus a general reading for the next 12 months

Some people prefer these readings as they are not required to be in the room with Mark. Consequently there are no distance issues and the emails are detailed as if you were in the room with Mark himself.

Currently Mark has completed email readings Worldwide with outstanding results and accuracy.

Email readings will be responded to within 72 hours excluding weekends and bank holidays.

Client Feedback

A small selection of clients who have had an email reading with myself.

Psychic email reading - client feedback

Silver Reading

  • Single Question
  • Voice Recorded (MP3 format only)
  • Upto 10 Mins recording

Gold Reading

  • 3 Questions
  • Voice Recorded (MP3 format only)
  • Upto 10 Mins recording
  • 6 Month General reading included

Platinum Reading

  • 5 Questions
  • Voice Recorded (MP3 format only)
  • Upto 20 Mins recording
  • 12 Month General reading included
  • Transcript of the Reading