Psychic Readings in Cape Town

Psychic Readings in Cape Town

Our Medium operates a client confidential service as you would expect between a Doctor and his patient. More often than not, our Medium does not recall any of the reading within 24 hours of giving a reading to a client as it is taken away from them by their guides.

When you arrive you will be welcomed into the room and made comfortable. You will receive a 15 min free consultation from our Medium so that they may be able to better understand what it is that will serve you best.

Our Medium will  explain in detail how the reading will proceed and will answer any questions before the reading begins.

How it Works

Unlike other readers, Mark has taken a very different approach that you can use any of his services on an hourly base (rather than paying for different services each time). Therefore you may decide to have a reading or combination of readings based upon the time you want to spend with him.

Readings include:

Quick Questions

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First Hour


Per 30mins After

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