Some examples of what this reading can be used for:

  • Looking for work or starting a new job
  • Study / Schooling
  • Recent breakup / relationship issues
  • Self doubt
  • Money issues / Concerns
  • Finding new love

Basically anything you feel you need positive affirmation then this audio reading is for you!

Positive Affirmation reading

Positive affirmation readings can help you overcome some of life’s challenges. Each recording is specific to the client and what the client needs and is accompanied with soothing, positive healing music within the session.

I have helped people find new jobs, get through tough interviews process, court cases and even study using this technique. Each session lasts upto 10 mins and is delivered in a MP3 format which you can then download onto your mobile phone.

You can then listen to this as often as you like, whenever you like and find positivity comes through which will help you to get through whatever life is throwing at you at that time.

Affirmation Meditation

$2500or 4 Credits
  • up to 15 mins Recording