Out of Body Experience – What is it?

There are two types of out of body experience and is generally used with “astral projection” which describes leaving your body to “travel” independently.

The first is Etheric Projection and allows you to continue travelling in the physical realm whilst still being connected to your physical body via your Silver cord. Not only is it possible to travel anywhere in the world but also opens up the possibility of travelling backwards and forwards in time, a concept that controversially is being tested in the USA and has been termed as “mind travelling”.

In short etheric projection is a bit like your “living ghost” appearing in different locations in the world, and may in fact be responsible for a number of ghost sightings over the years.

The second is Astral Projection and is the projection of your consciousness to the astral planes. The astral planes are a level of existence where the spiritual side of you may exist outside your body and mind, in preparing for spiritual learning at a higher level.

It is also here that you can gain access to the Akashic records for further learning and knowledge as part of your lifes purpose

out of body experience

Out of body can be strange but rewarding experience

Out of body experience – Why Learn it?

  • Maybe it happens to you already and you may want to control or understand what it is happening to you.
  • It is helpful in learning to connect with your true self on all levels.
  • Perhaps you are intrigued and fancy giving it a go
  • It will help you strengthen your psychic and spiritual abilities
  • To raise your level of consciousness and awareness
  • To help diminish a fear of death

Out of body experience – is it dangerous?

Many people from all walks of life and ages including scientists have experienced an out of body moment. While it may have some side affects or strange sensations to your body and being, it is not dangerous, but like everything else we do in life, has to be respected and taught.

A good teacher will take you through this and in my experience I have found taking students to the Akashic records one of the easiest and possibly most rewarding that can be done.

Have you ever had an out of body experience? Why not comment and let me know about it