Opening Chakras for everyday use – How to Guide

Opening Chakras for everyday use - How to Guide

Opening Chakras for everyday use – How to Guide

Before we start lets look at the seven basic Chakras of our body starting with the Root though to our Crown chakras (please note that this is very much a quick guide for you):

  • Root (Red) – our base chakra and grounding
  • Sacral (Orange) – used for creativity and abundance
  • Solar Plexus (Yellow) – often referred to as intuitive or gut instinct
  • Heart (Green) – empathy, love and so on
  • Throat (Blue) – voice and communication
  • Third Eye (Purple) – Foresight (can be used for Clairvoyance)
  • Crown (White) – guidance and connection with spirit

opening chakrasWhen opening chakras, you start with your root and move up each one to your crown. Imagine lotus petals around each of the chakras and open these petals to reveal the chakra underneath.

Closing is the same but in reverse and starting with your crown move down to your root, closing the petals around each one (leaving a pin prick of corresponding light for each one).

We can even control the opening chakras and closing them depending on situations that we require so for example if you are going to be giving a speech or talk then opening your throat chakra would be the way to go.

[bctt tweet=”Wearing corresponding colours can help emphasis you chakras i.e. wear blue for better communication.” username=”MarkhMedium”]

Likewise, say you are working on a project for a client opening your Sacral chakra (creativity) and your throat chakra when discussing the project with a client will certainly help.

To help emphasise your required opening chakras, then wearing that corresponding colour will help. Ask yourself why a lot of politicians and business owners tend to wear blue for example.

Grounding is the most important and if you are just not a red person, then get a red wrist band or even a red pin which you wear on your top will help – it does not have to be just clothing.

Many people fall down with chakras opening up, for example when exercising or becoming to “open” when drinking or in social environments – grounding will help in all of these with the simple method above.

The important thing is to remember when you need to open and close your chakras and that you should be cleansing them at least once a week!

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