Online Dating Profile Readings

“Hey Mark, can you advise me please? I’m on a dating site and I need to know which of these three guys I should be connecting with for a date”

So began my journey helping 1000’s of people looking for love on dating sites. The trouble with these sites is that for every genuine person you will find, there will be 25 preditors, time wasters and those who are even married or not even looking for a commitment.

And for those looking for love and not sure which way to go, then these dating sites tend to be their only alternative.

Like photo readings, I can read the person photo and profile and give you an honest opinion if you should be contacting this person, what to say as an introduction, and even how you should prepare/be on your first date.

Oh and in case you are wondering about the lady in question who asked me about doing this for her….I told her which guy she should go for and that is the one she is now happily married too!

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