Most Haunted UK – Why they yet to catch a ghost on camera.

A recent article in the national news and subsequent social media activity, announced that the Most Haunted UK TV reality programme had actual evidence and has captured what looked like a ghostly figure moving along the corridor.

Skeptics have been very quick to jump onto the “fake” wagon and why not? After all this TV programme with its years of “research” has failed to turn over any sustainable evidence and the recent “evidence” still is very shaky on many levels.

In the video you will see a member of the team place the camera in a certain way pointing towards a corridor and point to a location seconds before the “apparition” appears.

Skeptics are quick to point out that closer inspection of the figure looks very much like one of the crew members themselves, dressed in the same style and again opens up the validity of what is just a TV programme which is designed just for entertainment.

So why is is that this TV programme which has been running for so long has failed to deliver any evidence? The following are the top reasons why they have still not caught any evidence, nor will they.

1 The Team

On any investigations, it is important that the investigation team is open to the idea of Paranormal activity. One of the teams I have worked with was very successful in getting a lot of evidence due to all the members were very open and /or were sensitives.

Also having a Spiritual Medium present and a rescue Medium is vital. This allows for direct communication to any spirits during investigations. After all what’s the point in calling out and asking questions if no one is able to communicate back the answers? It’s like talking on a phone with nobody on the other end!

2 Respect

When calling out or asking questions then it really pays not to be rude or disrespectful. Most often than not, provoking spirit will not get them to do something, and has a tendency to do the complete opposite – they will do nothing at all!

Also it is vital that the Medium spends time in meditation talking to spirit at the premises whilst the team is setting up. This allows them to be an ambassador for the team and build relations prior to any investigations starting.

3 Time Factors

Time is always important and the longer you are at a location, the better. Most activity tends to happen between 2pm and 4pm in my experience, and most certainly on the second night – so try and spend more than one night in the same location.

I was fortunate to ask one owner at a location visited by the Most Haunted team how long they were actually doing the investigations for. They said that everything was done, dusted and gone by around 1am in the morning, which left them about 4 hours investigation time.

Of course that is only one location owners confirmation!

We must of course remember that this programme is for “Entertainment Purposes Only” as described in their credits!

Watch the video and decide for yourself – Do you think this is Faked or actual evidence?