Monster Hunters Stories

Nothing gets the imagination going more than a great story, especially when it involves monsters and legends.

As a child I was enchanted by Medusa, captivated by Jason and the Argonauts, and loved many of the Greek stories. From childhood memories of monsters hiding under the bed or on closets, we all have some affiliation with them – the good and the bad.

Below are four of my favourite monster stories from around the world. I have included links for further reading on each – enjoy.

St Leonards Dragon

Monster Hunters Stories

St Leonards Dragon statue in Horsham Park, West Sussex

Dated from 1614, this dragon appeared in my local home of Horsham in West Sussex. Being able to project poison from its mouth, terrifying the locals for years before it eventually disappeared. Still very much a thing of local and urban myth, statues of the dragon are honoured in the local town to this very day.


Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster, Scotland

Loch Ness – home of Nessie?

Nessie has been around for years with many photographic and video footage to support the very existence of Scotland’s most famous inhabitant. Sightings from 565AD to present times may even indicate rather than one Nessie that maybe there is a family or certainly descendants of the original. Regardless if you believe or not, the stories still draws visitors to the Loch each year in hopes of a glimpse of this is long necked wonder.


Big Foot



Patterson’s Bigfoot photo … or is it just a guy in an ape suit?

The big man himself has captured the imaginations of many a person over the years. His ability to elude the limelight has even seen the launch of official Sasquatch Detective websites those dedicated to finding this hairy, 7 foot giant. Even with a evidence provided over the years, mystery, conspiracy and even hoaxes still dog him – a lover of KitKats, maybe we will never find the truth.


El Chupacabras

El Chupacabras – fact or faked?

Terrifying locals in 1995-1996, Chupacabra means “Goat Sucker” and literally sucks the blood out of farm animals. Examination of over 150 victims showed a “triangular” puncture in the neck of the animals. Reports seems to vary from it being a scalley, round eyed monster, with scales down its back, to those of a cross breed,  Coyote/Wild dog, this monster has never been captured to this day.
Theories abound that it may even be a genetic accident created by the US Government, through to an alien’s long lost pet.


Do you have a favorite monster that you want to share? Do you even believe in Monsters? I would love to hear your thoughts.