Please take time to read some more of my testimonials from clients and please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about my services or how I can assist you. I have completed readings and assisted clients in 19 countries across the world, and these really are a snapshot of some of the 100’s of testimonials that I receive.

Love and Light

One of the things you predicted was that I would have the opportunity for romance. Just as you predicted, the opportunity presented itself and I’ve been dating a woman for a couple of months now.

Alistair, UK

Did you know that you’re the best! I absolutely love your readings. Thank you I am your biggest fan.

Gina, New York, USA

Thank you for this reading.  It gives me goose bumps as it is so accurate.

Yvonne, Cape Town

And thank you for the reading know that it will help me go through this. It was very accurate especially on what he is like as a person

Jenna, South Africa

I would like to thank you for making contact with my mom and sister. The past few years haven’t been easy and these answers will help me find peace and move on.

Julia, Cape Town

Thank you so much for this reading. Everything that you have said about him in this reading is correct, so accurate it’s amazing.

Linda, Ireland

“Wow. Thanks Mark.”

Susanna and I are amazed. BTW, you mentioned the law with Susanna. She used to be a psychologist at SAPS and is thinking about offering services for police. Thanks again Mark. I will contact you again.

– Jill, Cape Town

Hi Mark. Trust you are well. I just want to let you know. You told me a few months ago about some unsafe lights in my house. You were right.

Gavin, Cape Town

Oh how right you were.  I have been here since January and although the vet work is keeping me very busy and I am loving it I do not see this sustaining itself in the long run.  As far as my present position is concerned it does look as if I am going to remain in a consulting / advisory role.  Not sure how long into the future but who would have said at the outset.

You are uncanny!

Sue, Dublin

Thank you so much for such amazing readings and for the meditation guide. I so appreciate it! I am blown away by your abilities, it’s really something special! What a gift!

Natalya, USA

Everything you mentioned in your reading with me in November has come to fruition. Not all pleasant but such is our path. Id love to do another reading in the next few months.

Diane, Cape Town

“I ordered a photo reading – but for me and my partner. I truly believe Mark is one of the most genuine psychics here on this site. He picked up on things about me that he couldn’t have known unless I told him. He picked up on a few things in particular that I’m really trying to work on. He told me things about my partner that I truly believe”

Bethenny , USA

“Once again, Mark has proved to be the most accurate, most detailed, and most reliable psychic I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He offers readings that are scarily specific to my life situation and my future prospects from only knowing my first name! HOW?! If you are looking for life advice that answers your questions and clears your do”

Emma, UK

“Mark is gifted at tarot reading! Thank you for this reading! I highly recommend him!”

Adam, USA