If You Read One Article About Physical Mediumship Read this One

If You Read One Article About Physical Mediumship Read this One

physical mediumship

Physical mediumship is quite different from mental mediumship. A physical medium, while in a trance state, produces physical evidence of connections with the spirit world to observers in a dimly lit room, during a séance, or psychic circle, through the following phenomena: transfiguration, direct voice, apports, levitation and the movement or throwing of objects, knocking, rapping and tapping, spirit lights and materialization.

Historically, physical mediumship had its heyday during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Fox sisters, Kate and Maggie, popularized this type of mediumship in the U.S. after demonstrations of their mediumship skills at their home in Hydesville (Arcadia) New York in 1848. They reportedly received messages and communicated with spirits by way of rapping or tapping sounds, among other physical evidence.

Transfiguration and ectoplasm are most commonly seen with Physical mediumship and when witnessed may cause a lot of skepticism or even fear, but in most cases will result nothing less than amazement.

In Transfiguration, the medium physical appearance (normally the face) will change and take on the exact appearance of the loved one who has passed. It is normally common to then communicate directly with the loved one during this time.

Ectoplasm is a substance taken from the medium’s body and mixed with an etheric substance used by a spirit to affect physical matter (I’m are not talking Ghostbusters! here by the way)  This substance flows out of any of the medium’s orifices (usually the mouth or nose) and is often said to be used in levitations and materializations.

One good example is the use of ectoplasm to create a voice box which will then allow for Direct Voice messages to come through. It may look like a cloud initially forming into a solid form that has not real substance to it.

Physical Mediumship is extremely stressful for a medium, takes a lot of energy and has been around for a long time – in fact there are reports of this type of mediumship in the Bible!


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