How to Guide to Table Tipping

How to Guide to Table Tipping

From the early 1900’s an early form or seance and (what was considered at the time) as a great parlour game, took form in table tipping or table tapping.

This was something I started to get involved in when I first visited the Black Swan over 5 years ago and found it to be an exciting and interesting form of communicating with spirits, especially for those who have little of no experience in the field.

table tipping

The idea was that people would site around a table with their fingers on the edge, lightly place and by calling through spirit, were able to communicate via the object or moving without any external forces from those around the object itself.


Heavy heavy table tipping session last night all I can. Say is Wow this was needed on both sides of the veil

Later it was found that by standing by the table (rather than sitting it was possible to get the table to move around the room fairly easy and (in sames cases) even have it levitate during the process.

One of the issues with the early forms of this was the problem of being able to fake or make the furniture seem to move, and although this practice is still carried out today, it is worth noting that serious table tippers ensure a “clean” and “clear” environment when carrying this out.

Below is my guide if you would like to try this out.

1 Make sure you are protected.

Like Ouija you are in fact opening a possible portal and wont necessary know what type of spirit will come through. Make sure one of the participants is a Spiritual Medium and that they carry out protection before and after the event to ensure nothing negative is left behind. It’s also best if they run the session as well!

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2 Choose the right location and table

Make sure that you are in a easy open location to allow the table to tip and also (ideally) on a flooring that’s not going to restrict any movement i.e. heavy carpet. Finally make sure the table itself is not so heavy that it cannot be moved at all (even my manual force)

3 Being open and honest

You want this to be an experience for everyone and the last thing you need is for someone to force or pretend the table is moving. Make sure everyones hands are visible all the time with their fingers lightly on the edges of the table.

4 Keep it relaxed

The more open and relaxed the more likely things will happen. Experiment with sitting around the table first and as the group becomes better at this, then look to have the group stand and see if they can actually get the table to move around the room.

5 Ask questions

Make sure you ask easy questions that require a yes of no answer i.e. are you male (yes/no). asking for someones name wont necessary get an answer and also asking them to tap on the table may work but not all of the time.

6 Don’t give up!

You may not necessary getting anything the first time you try table tipping and unless the Medium has experience in this, may take a period of time. Don’t give up though and keeping going.

What are you experiences of Table Tipping? Why not let me know in the comments below.

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