House Sage Cleansing

What is House Cleansing? If you search the internet, you will find many different ideas of what a house cleanse actually is and why people think they need them.

The most common are to clear a house of “negative energy” or to “get rid of spirits” and I will tackle both of these in order.

Negative Energy
If someone says to me they have a negative spirit or energy in their home, my first question normally is why? Negative spirits don’t just turn up on your doorstep and hi, they have to either be invited in (most common way is Ouji) or if someone has had a hex or black magic put on them.

Either way, you would know or have some idea (suspect even) that something negative has been going on to invite the negative spirit to the home in the first place.

Spirits at you home can fall into three categories –

  1. Residual Energy – playback of a past event. The apparitions involved are not spirits, they are “recordings” of the event.
  2. Visitation Spirits – those from the spirit world that come in visitation. Normally these tend to be a loved one that has passed.
  3. Grounded Spirits – For whatever reason, some souls stay grounded in the Earth plane. Perhaps they are waiting for a loved one, have unfinished business and were just not ready to pass or they may not know they are dead. Often these spirits are referred to as “ghosts”.

Now we have an understanding of the four different aspect to house cleansing, just asking the spirit to leave or “be led to the light” does not work as it depends on what type of spirit you have in the home.

Before any house cleansing can happen you first need a Spiritual Medium to physically visit your home. I say this because I have recently seen advertised on the internet “Distance or remote house cleansing” – sorry but they do not work.

When I visit a home the first thing I need to do is to connect with the “spirit” or “guest” in question and find out which of the 4 categories they belong in. Once this has been determined and a connection made, will then depend on the course of action required (note this is a very basic overview):

Negative Energy
Requires the portal to be closed down and if using Ouji, then the board or divination needs to be destroyed. Location then needs to be protected and finally sage and clearing can be carried out.

Residual Energy
Harder to manage as these are not spirits. Using sage and clearing can help and changing aspects of the room i.e. removing mirrors from a room can help.

Visitation Spirits
Making the home owner aware of who the spirit is and why they are trying to communicate is the first step. Normally house cleansing is not carried out and mediumship and communication is more important. After all if your Aunt Mary came to visit, do you really want to tell them to stop coming to see you? Remember these spirits are already in the spirit world and you cannot “lead them to the light”

Ground Spirits
As with visitation, communication and connecting with the spirit first is key. This way the medium can establish who it is and why they are still grounded.If at the end of it all the spirit wants to be led to the spirit world then this can be done by a Trance Medium.

The key to all of this is really communication and understanding. Once you have those the chances are, you may not even need the house cleansing to be done in the first place.