Here & Beyond – The Paranormal Files

$7.99 (Paperback) + P&P

The paranormal has a strong fascination and following across our world. With many people in this modern times believing in the unknown and wanting to understand and learn more.

The accounts and stories outlined in this book are those that I have featured on my paranormal radio show, Here and beyond, and includes over 50 of what I believe to be some of the most exciting and fascinating stories from across the paranormal community,including the US, UK, South Africa and Australia.

Regardless if you a sceptic, a believer or even sitting on the fence and not sure, I always ask that you read each account with an open mind to the possibilities.

I have also included my own personal accounts from Paranormal investigations on those places I was fortunate enough to investigate in the past. These accounts are not widely made public and gives you a sneak inside to some of the paranormal investigations carried out as a Psychic Medium.