Essential Guide to learning to reading Tarot

5 Essential Tips before getting a Tarot Reading Cape Town

learning to reading Tarot

So you are looking to learn to read Tarot. Not sure where to start and maybe your not sure if you are even able too.

You’ve looked around online and there are tons of courses and people offering training, but which one? They are all different costs, durations and each promises more than the next – so which way to go?

Read my Essential Guide to reading Tarot and lets clear up the confusion right now!

1. What is Tarot?

Tarot is simply a tool used by readers as a guide or road map for giving someone a reading or psychic reading (depending on which type of reading is asked for). The order the cards are picked and placed tends more to advise more on how the reading is to go rather than the information. The information is provided by the readers spirit guides – consequently no two readings will ever be the same even if two different people picked the exact cards and placed in the exact order.

2. Can I read Tarot?

Short answer – Yes! As long as you are open minded and have a willingness to learn, then teaching someone to read tarot is the same as teaching someone to drive – the more you do it, the more confident you become, the easier it is.

3. Do I need to know the meaning of every card in the deck?

No. In fact knowing the meaning of every card in the deck is the worst thing you can do. Remember, Tarot cards are a tool or guide to help you only. The information you are given will come from your spirit guides. In fact when you become confident with doing readings, you may not even need to use the cards.

Also (and more importantly) a card may have a different message for one person to the next – so learning the literal meaning of a card is not going to help.

So check that the course you attend does not show you each and every card meaning!

4. How long will it take to be taught to read tarot?

If the course is any longer than a day then its the the wrong one. A good teacher will train you within 4-5 hours and that will include you being able to give a reading at the end of the course itself.

Remember training is the first step, it’s the practice and actually doing readings that will build up confidence and ability.

5. How much should I pay to be trained?

That really depends on the instructor as there will be course materials and venue hire fees to cover. Saying that anything from R350 (£15) to R1000 (£50) would be a good baseline to start from. Anything over R1000 I would personally query.

6. Do I need to use the Rider Waite deck?

No, you use the one that is meant for you. If you do not get on with Rider Waite then why would you use it? Again your instructor will advise you on how to pick your first tarot deck. Rider Waite(the new version) is a nice deck, but it may not necessary be for you.

7. Is there anything else?

Prior to booking, ask you instructor their lineage for tarot reading. They would have had to be trained as well and the better the lineage the better the instructor. Most readers will have trained all their lives, but they would also need to receive training as well.

Tarot reading can be fun and informative for whoever uses it – regardless if you just want to read for yourself or for other people, remember to practice and keep your mind open.

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