Do Werewolves exist?

The werewolf concept developed simultaneously with the belief in witchcraft in medieval times. Similarly to the witch trials, there were also werewolf trials at that time. Although the werewolf trials were not as common, they persisted as long as the early 18th century. The punishment for being a werewolf? In Europe the same as a witch…you were burnt at the stake (note that no witch burning were ever carried out in the UK!)

King James Bible was not only modified to take into account witches but also werewolf’s being another obsession for the late monarch, which only further shows the extent of people believe in them during his reign.

Indeed there have been many books and articles written on werewolves and “devil Hounds” the most famous of which being able to inspire Arthur Conan Doyle to write Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of Baskervilles.

do werewolves exist

Is there such a thing as a werewolf?

The question is do werewolves exist?

The following story comes direct from a listener on my Radio Show and outlines more the affect that a full moon would have on a person:

“Regarding the lycanthrope story. The man in question was named Billy Martin, usually he was a lovely man with a wife and children that loved him. His wife was friends with my Nan, and Billy built my mom a bicycle when she was a kid.

He was kind and caring and everyone got on with him. But his wife confided in my Nan that on every full moon he would lose his mind, she had to learn when a full moon was impending and lock Billy in the house while she took the kids to a relatives for the nights it was out.
She always looked worried on those days.

One time she was crying, telling my Nan that although she had got the kids out safely she left the puppy behind, the next day she found the dog dead and blood everywhere. Billy had ripped the dog up, how I don’t know. When Billy had realised what he had done he sobbed like a baby, he had no recollection of doing it.

He really was possessed by the full moon. Nan had a name for it, she called it the blue devils. Probably an old name describing lycanthropy that originated from our area, as I have never heard it used anywhere else. I grew up from a young age with this story and always had a fascination with werewolves ever since.

Do werewolves exist? They do exist, maybe not physically, but mentally yes. The question is for me, what power lies within the moon, that can alter a man’s mind so dramatically?”

What do you think? do werewolves exist?