Direct Voice Mediumship Explained

Direct Voice Mediumship Explained

Possibly a term that you have not come across and was “perfected” and carried out bu one of the best direct voice communicators Leslie Flint.

As the trusts website explains about Leslie – In his heyday, which was before the war and some 25 years after it, Leslie Flint was one of Britain’s best known Spiritualists. He possessed the rare distinction of being a direct voice medium.

Flint used no trumpets or paraphernalia. Through sitting in total darkness, he did his work wide awake, not in a trance. Those who flocked to see him could engage, if conditions were propitious, in fluent colloquial conversation with others – kith and kin, strangers and the well known – all of them ‘passed over’, who manifested themselves in space, by voice only, around Flint…

Direct Voice Mediumship

But what exactly is Direct Voice Mediumship?

The process is activated by Spirit communicators and their voices can be almost identical to the way they sounded on Earth. Depending on the strength and available energy, Spirit may be able to build an ectoplasmic voice box in mid-air.

Their voices are then entirely independent of the Medium and can be heard by all present. This is quite different from Spirit who speak through the larynx of an entranced Medium or channel.

Another more detailed explanation is that the spirits will manipulate the energy of the Physical Medium and in turn use this energy to manifest physically and create a voice of their own. They will then use this voice to communicate independently without the use of the Mediums vocal cords; therefore the medium and spirit will be able to have a direct back and forth conversation in real-time. It should be made absolutely clear that the spirit voices are COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT of the Medium. 

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The Medium is NOT ‘channeling,’ although the physical manifestations including the audible spirit voices tend to occur more frequently whilst the Medium is in a trance-like state or deep meditation.

Leslie Flint allowed tests to be carried out on him. In one test, Flint held a measured quantity of coloured water in his mouth, throughout a voluble seance. In another, a throat microphone registered no vibrations from his larynx, while the voices continued in full space. Later, he allowed anyone who liked to do so, to tape record his seances. Some of these recordings are still available today on the trusts website.

Why not listen to some of the recordings at the Leslie Flint site and comment below on your thoughts on Direct Voice Mediumship.

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