6 Insane (But True) stories About Parallel Universes

6 Insane (But True) Stories About Parallel Universes With NASA and even astronauts now admitting that parallel universes may even be a possibility today, many people are now questioning evidence and stories which now actually maybe true or have some substance of truth to it. Regardless of your thoughts on the possibility of parallel universes, the [...]

Is time travel possible – 5 Myths Uncovered

Is time travel possible - 5 Myths Uncovered Are we ready for Time Travel? As a child growing up I was fascinated (and still am) with the UK TV series Dr Who and his time travelling companions. Shows such as Quantum Leap further fueled my passion about the possibility of time travel, whilst stories [...]

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Voodoo

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Voodoo Voodoo is a religion that has been carried all around the globe, and all voodoo stems from ancient Africa. There, the religion is largely untouched by foreign influence, with thousands of years of indigenous tradition and heritage backing it up. Beginner's Guide to Voodoo “Voodoo” means “spirit of [...]

8 Ways to Protect against Spells and Black Magic

8 Ways to Protect against Spells and Black Magic Witches have existed in every society of the world since the ancient times. They have been associated with performing magic. But a witch’s role went beyond the domain of magic only. She used to be the village doctor, who cured the patients with her potions, herbs, stones, [...]

The Mothman Prophecies

The Mothman Prophecies The Mothman is described as a man sized, or larger, creature with glowing red eyes and wings of a moth. It may have eyes set in his chest. It is described as a 7-foot-tall (2.1 m) creature, with long wings and huge red eyes and possesses an unusual shriek. The events of 1966 [...]

Using Ouija Board Dangers

Using Ouija Board Dangers Using Ouija Board Dangers and issues The Ouija board has been burned, banned and debunked. Some say it's a channel to the dead and a portal for evil entities. Others say the Ouija board is a harmless fortune-telling board game. One of the using Ouija Board dangers is naivety and [...]

5 Amazing Psychic Detectives Stories

Psychic Detectives It has been a undocumented fact that police forces around the globe, including those in South Africa, utilise the service of Psychic Detectives from missing people, stolen property through to unsolved crimes. Other the years it has almost become normal practice for this type of work, and my experiences in this field are no [...]

Do Werewolves exist?

Do Werewolves exist? The werewolf concept developed simultaneously with the belief in witchcraft in medieval times. Similarly to the witch trials, there were also werewolf trials at that time. Although the werewolf trials were not as common, they persisted as long as the early 18th century. The punishment for being a werewolf? In Europe the same [...]

Out of Body Experience – what is it?

Out of Body Experience - What is it? There are two types of out of body experience and is generally used with "astral projection" which describes leaving your body to "travel" independently. The first is Etheric Projection and allows you to continue travelling in the physical realm whilst still being connected to your physical body via your [...]

Most Haunted UK – Why they have yet to catch a ghost on camera

Most Haunted UK - Why they yet to catch a ghost on camera. A recent article in the national news and subsequent social media activity, announced that the Most Haunted UK TV reality programme had actual evidence and has captured what looked like a ghostly figure moving along the corridor. Skeptics have been very quick to jump [...]

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