How to Guide to Table Tipping

How to Guide to Table Tipping From the early 1900's an early form or seance and (what was considered at the time) as a great parlour game, took form in table tipping or table tapping. This was something I started to get involved in when I first visited the Black Swan over 5 years ago and [...]

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Taboos you should break – are psychics accurate (and other things)

Taboos you should break - are psychics accurate (and other things) One question I get asked a lot is are you 100% accurate with your readings? What this tells me is that the person in question does not understand what a psychic reading is and what they can expect from a reading. So lets start to [...]

Opening Chakras for everyday use – How to Guide

Opening Chakras for everyday use - How to Guide Before we start lets look at the seven basic Chakras of our body starting with the Root though to our Crown chakras (please note that this is very much a quick guide for you): Root (Red) - our base chakra and grounding Sacral (Orange) - used for [...]

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A beginners guide to what is Psychic Mediumship?

A beginners guide to what is a Psychic Medium? There often seems to be some confusion on what is a Psychic Medium, a term such as Clairvoyant which has greatly been mis-used across the world. I also apologize for the use of the title of this article and should be more a beginners guide to Mediumship, but [...]

Using Ouija Board Dangers

Using Ouija Board Dangers Using Ouija Board Dangers and issues The Ouija board has been burned, banned and debunked. Some say it's a channel to the dead and a portal for evil entities. Others say the Ouija board is a harmless fortune-telling board game. One of the using Ouija Board dangers is naivety and [...]

Characteristics of Mental Mediumship

Characteristics of Mental Mediumship Recently I was asked by another "medium" if I was Clairvoyant. Being a mental medium (being one who bears all the clair-senses) I responded by saying that I was in fact a Psychic Medium. This seem to throw her, and I realised to my dismay that she had absolutely no idea of [...]

5 Amazing Psychic Detectives Stories

Psychic Detectives It has been a undocumented fact that police forces around the globe, including those in South Africa, utilise the service of Psychic Detectives from missing people, stolen property through to unsolved crimes. Other the years it has almost become normal practice for this type of work, and my experiences in this field are no [...]

Out of Body Experience – what is it?

Out of Body Experience - What is it? There are two types of out of body experience and is generally used with "astral projection" which describes leaving your body to "travel" independently. The first is Etheric Projection and allows you to continue travelling in the physical realm whilst still being connected to your physical body via your [...]

What are Past Life Readings

What are Past Life Readings On one of my recent Radio Paranormal Show, I was asked about past lives and more importantly to discuss Past Life Regression. Know if you had a past life can sometime be determined by key aspects to your life such as: Dreams / Nightmares - Do you have recurring or even [...]

What are Poltergeists

What are Poltergeists If we take the literal meaning of the word Poltergeist from the German "Noisy Ghost" the definition is a "type of ghost or other supernatural entity which is responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed. They are purportedly capable of pinching, biting, hitting, and tripping people." Noisy [...]