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I'm a Psychic Medium , Psychic Investigator, Radio Presenter for the Paranormal Show & Author. Originally from the UK, now living in Cape Town, I still give many Psychic readings, interviews (radio and TV) along with working with Paranormal teams. Click here to read my latest book on Amazon - Love and Light.

Mediumship is not the work of the devil

I have stopped counting the number of times I have been judged, ridiculed, and prosecuted for being a medium by someone who is religious. I have had and will still have many clients who are religious and are seeking answers and help. And I am glad to help them. As it is what Jesus would [...]

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Haunted Classrooms and Ghostly Students

4 Incredible stories of Ghostly Schools Schools of every kind and in every location can be just as haunted as houses, castles, and battlefields. Maybe more so. Sometimes there are legends of students, teachers, and staff who died there, possibly accounting for the hauntings... but sometimes not. The Little Daycare Ghost Waiting for Parents For a number of years, [...]

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Curse of Tutankhamun

Curse of Tutankhamun In November 1922, archeologist Howard Carter pushed a candle through a hole he had made in a sealed tomb door and peeked inside. “Can you see anything?”, he was asked. “Yes, wonderful things”. Carter had just discovered the tomb of an obscure 18th dynasty pharaoh, Tutankhamun. Piled high with a dazzling array [...]

8 things people do not tell you about Mediums

8 things people do not tell you about Mediums One question that I'm asked on a constant basis is "am I a medium?" or "how do I know I am a medium?". The fact that you are born with mediumship abilities and is something you cannot train for (I hasten to add you do continue [...]

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Tesla’s Death Ray

Tesla's Death Ray On June 30th, 1908, a giant explosion flattened over 800sq miles of forest near the Tunguska river in Siberian Russia. The area of the blast was extremely remote, but the devastation was immense. An estimated 80 million trees were flattened and whole herds of deer wiped out. The magnitude of the blast was [...]

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The Mystery of the Chakra Colours – how to see them

The Mystery of the Chakra Colours & how to see them It's not the first time I have heard this, but again (and more recently) there seems to be a trend of people bucking the ideas of what the actual colours of our Chakras really are. I'm not even sure why these people feel compelled to [...]

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Relationship Predators – how to spot one before its too late!

Relationship Predators - how to spot one before its too late! Since starting my mediumship work nearly 4 years ago now in the Cape, there have been what I would call disturbing re-occurrences one of which I really want to help and tackle today. Relationship predators as I call them are Narcissistic people with no [...]

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