A beginners guide to what is Psychic Mediumship?

what is a Psychic Medium

A beginners guide to what is a Psychic Medium?

There often seems to be some confusion on what is a Psychic Medium, a term such as Clairvoyant which has greatly been mis-used across the world.

I also apologize for the use of the title of this article and should be more a beginners guide to Mediumship, but Google and keyword search terms pick up the “Psychic Medium” better (again more to prove my point at the start).

Recently I was told that a “medium” was advising people that if they used his method of meditation for only 5 mins a day, that they will become a Medium. In retrospect that’s like me advising if you watch youtube videos on learning how to fly you will become a qualified pilot and can fly commercial airlines!

So to clear up any confusion here is the beginners guide to Mediums and Psychics!

what is a psychic medium
what is a psychic medium

1 You can’t train to become a medium!
You are born as a medium you cannot be trained to become one (sorry guys). Certainly mediums have to develop and continue this development throughout their life, but if someone tells you, that you can be trained, then be careful.

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2 There are different types of Mediums.
Again many people seem to focus on “Psychic Mediumship”, but this is not a type of mediumship, more one how they practice and what they believe in. There are actually four different areas of mediumship:

  • Healing
  • Mental
  • Trance (early stages of Physical)
  • Physical

Add to this there are those who are Empaths and Sensitives and all the above tend to work in the light or as have been termed “lightworkers”, and yes there are dark workers as well!

3 Dark Workers or dark mediumship
Commonly known as wiccans, these people tend to work mainly in the dark and promot on fear and tend to work and sell spells. They tend to switch between the light and the dark, but find comfort more in the dark side. They are normally money driven and not so much about helping other lightworkers outside of their circle.

4 And finally there are different type of practicing mediums

  • Psychic medium
  • Christian Spiritualist Medium
  • Spiritualist Medium

And one last point – Psychic mediums do NOT predict the future – that’s called fortune telling. Mediums are there as guidance and counselling, to help and advice, using the gifts we were born with.

 So what is a psychic medium? let me know in the comments anything you would like to add to this article!


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