8 Ways to Protect against Spells and Black Magic

Witches have existed in every society of the world since the ancient times. They have been associated with performing magic.

spells and black magic

But a witch’s role went beyond the domain of magic only. She used to be the village doctor, who cured the patients with her potions, herbs, stones, oils, massages, chants, and, of course, rituals and magic.

Her magic comprised using wands, going into trance, reading omens, communicating with ghosts and spirits. She also interpreted voices, dreams and visions that her patients saw during night or even day.


most witches manifest during puberty, displaying their powers in bursts of magic.

Spells and black magic is so common that a quick search on the web shows not only how to create specific spells but also gives information on who to contact if you want one made.

spell, charm or hex is a set of words, spoken or unspoken, which are considered by its user to invoke some magical effect.

  • Charms
  • Dark Arts
  • Transfiguration
  • Curse / Hex / Jinx
  • Protective enchantments

So what can you do if you think you are affected by spells and black magic. Below is my top 8 recommendations for quick and easy protection:

1 Salt
For centuries, salt has been considered a preservative that brought good luck and protection from evil spirits. Witches are repelled by salt, so they, as well as the animals they have bewitched, are unable to eat anything salted. In the Middle Ages, one popular form of torturing witches was to force feed them heavily salted food and deny them water.

2 Rowan Trees
In the British Isles, it was believed that the rowan protected against witchcraft and enchantment. The tree’s reputation may have stemmed from its physical appearance—a small five-pointed star or pentagram can be found on each berry opposite its stalk, and the color red was thought to be the best protection against enchantment.

3 Witch marks
Witch marks were ritual protection marks made by individuals asking for protection from the witches and other evil spirits. The marks included various protective symbols such as a compass and a pentacle.
Witch marks were most popular in medieval churches and houses.

4 Charms & Prayers
Charms repel or break the spells of witches. Some were verbal and included phrases, formulas, and prayers.

Spells are a set of words which are considered by its user to invoke some magical effect. Click To Tweet

5 Hag Stones
Hag stones, also known as holey stones or odin stones, have natural holes. For centuries, hag stones have been used in southwest England, particularly in Dorset, to protect people from witchcraft.

6 Holy Water
In medieval times, holy water was the most popular weapon against the devil and his subjects, who were supposedly allergic to it. It was sprinkled around the house to drive away evil spirits as well as on crops and on farm animals.

7 Freezing Names in water
This tends to be more for getting rid of negative people or situation in your life, but if you know the person who has placed the spell on you then by writing their name on a piece of paper, placing in a bottle of water and leaving in the freezer will certainly protect any further issues from them!

8 Sage Cleansing
Using Californian White Sage is a good way to cleanse your aura and protect your home. A light dusting around the person whilst asking for protection will help any negativity around them.

Have you had any experience of spells and black magic? Let me know below how you dealt with them!