8 things people do not tell you about Mediums

8 things people do not tell you about Mediums

One question that I’m asked on a constant basis is “am I a medium?” or “how do I know I am a medium?”. The fact that you are born with mediumship abilities and is something you cannot train for (I hasten to add you do continue learning but you cannot learn without any skill sets at all!), still seems to leave people baffled.

Ok so how about knowing the traits of a medium? After all this will help right? Again the answer to this is no, and simply put that different lightworkers (Sensitives, empaths, etc) will have the some of the same traits as a medium but not all of them – see my post A beginners guide to Psychic Mediums

So how about the side of mediumship that people do not tell! It’s not all about the fame, the recognition, and in fact it’s more what goes on behind closed doors that reveals what type of lightworker you are.

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Mediums are Counsellors.
Yes you read it right – the majority of our work is actually counselling and helping people. In fact there is more to this side than giving readings or doing platform work!

We are non-egotistical.
In other words we do not ask what gifts others have as that is their path not ours. Besides we already know what gifts people have before we even speak to them and do not need to ask!

We get sick…..a lot!
We get drained and sick a lot more than other people. With trance and physical mediums, issues such as arthritis and Fibromyalgia (FM) are very common amongst mediums, even at an early age.

We have poor memories
Honestly we cannot recall one thing from one day to the next. Most of this has to do with the readings that we do and these being taken away afterwards. Besides our guides tend to nudge us if there is something we need to know – Oh and yes we do not recall names….faces but not names!

Loss of hearing
Maybe because we are connected most of the time all our lives, but our hearing tends to go quicker than most peoples. We hear and speak with our guide(s) all the time and have done since birth.

We are good artists
Again this may have a lot to do with our third eye, but we seemed to be good at arty stuff. Not just drawing, but crafts, making things, playing instruments and in some cases (not mine) even good singers too!

We are connected close to Nature
We love animals, being by ourselves and actually prefer our own company than being around people all the time. Cities seem to be a big NO and being in the countryside or on a beach is where you will find us. In fact the less people around the better.

Suicides are common place.
Sad but true and again more with trance mediums. If we connect with a suicide we will take on these tendencies and is very dangerous. We have learned to walk in red and ground as much as possible (might explain why we hate wearing shoes for example)

Got a question about mediumship? – comment below and happy to help.

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