5 Top Tips for Newbie Paranormal Investigators

If you are a fan of the paranormal and in particular ghost hunting, then I’m sure you have seen some of the TV shows that have become popular in mainstream viewing, such as Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters. Indeed, if you search twitter or the internet, paranormal groups seem to be springing up everywhere.

If you are lucky enough to be invited onto a Ghost Hunt or looking to start your own paranormal investigators group, then here are some of my top tips that you should be looking for.

Make sure that the groups Spiritual Medium carries out a protection of the group before the investigation starts and at the end when it finishes. If this is not done, ask for it to be done. This does not have to be anything long, and simply asking for Archangel Michael to protect the group during the investigations is better than nothing.

After the investigation I would say a small pray thanking the spirits and my guides for their time. I would also say something along the lines of “We came with nothing and we leave with nothing” just to intone this back to any spirits we had channelled during the investigation.

2.Psychic Mediums
For any investigation to take place there should be at least one lead medium and one rescue medium. They will be able to communicate with spirit and answer any questions the team will have.

The medium’s role is as a guide and protector of the group and is not to be taken lightly. In fact the medium would have meditated the day before and when they arrive at the venue to let spirit know that they are coming – its just common courtesy after all.

3.Time and Location
An investigation between 8pm and midnight is not really an investigation. The longer you get the better and I have been on investigations that have started at 7pm and finished at 6am. We found that most activity occurs between 2am and 4am.

It’s also worth doing more than one nights investigation. Again we found that the second night yielded a lot more results and activity than the first night, so try and get two nights in.

Not everyone is lucky to have night vision camcorders, laser grids or K2 meters (all of which can be expensive to buy). So the basic equipment you will need is a digital camera (with flash), a torch and a digital voice recorder.

Oh and something warm to wear and comfortable footwear – it gets cold and your feet will ache.

5.Calling Out
One of my biggest pet hates watching these TV shows is the way they treat spirits with dis-respect. Provoking and goading someone is not the way you would talk to someone in the street so why on earth would you do this with spirit?

Maybe they will get “annoyed” and do something but the chances are they will do nothing and just ignore you.

Instead be polite – ask their name, how old are they and so on. Try and think of different questions that might get more of a response such as Whats you favorite game (for child spirits) or do you like animals.

Final note, the more open you are to the idea of the paranormal then the more you will get out of the investigation. Remember, it should be a fun experience and one you will want to repeat.

Have fun.