5 Teleportation Cases That Will Impress Your Friends

5 Teleportation Cases That Will Impress Your Friends

What seems should be confined the books and movies of Sci-Fi the idea that a person can teleport in any direction / location certainly seems more fantasy than reality.

And yet the following stories confirm some of the best known paranormal happenings and real life teleportations around the world. It’s not just people though, objects themselves seemed to have vanished from one location only to appear moments later in a virtually impossible move defined by science to this day.

Take a look at these awesome stories and accounts and make up your mind on my teleportation cases…Fact or Faked?

teleportation cases

Gil Perez 1593

One of the earliest teleportation cases and most amazing stories is that Gil Perez dates back to the 16th century when he was serving as a Spanish soldier and palace guard of the Governor’s Palace in Manila. He was just a regular soldier until the morning of October 24, 1593, when something strange happened. Tired due to lack of sleep, Perez decided to take a short nap and leaned against the palace wall. When he opened his eyes, he was stunned to find himself in an unknown location. When it was explained to him that he was in Mexico City, he refused to believe that it was true, knowing it was impossible for him to be in Mexico City on the evening of October 24th when he had received his orders in Manila on the morning of October 23rd.

Perez was questioned extensively by the Holy Tribunal of the Inquisition, and he told authorities that he had traveled from Manila to Mexico “in less time than it takes a cock to crow.” He revealed that he knew he was no longer in Manila and that the night before, he also knew for a fact that governor general of the Philippines had been assassinated. However, the members of the Spanish Inquisition did not believe his story and had him imprisoned for desertion. For two months, Perez was locked up in a jail in Mexico City until a Manila merchant ship arrived from the Philippines. The crew shared the news about the Governor’s assassination, just as Perez had described it a couple of months earlier. Even stranger, one of the passengers on the ship recognized Perez and swore that he had seen the soldier in the Philippines marching at the palace garrison on October 23rd. And so, the Holy Tribunal of the Inquisition in Mexico had no other choice but to accept Perez’s story, release him from jail, and send him back to the Philippines.

The Vidals 1968

Another well-known case of the paranormal—the story of Dr. Geraldo Vidal. In May 1968, renowned attorney Dr. Vidal and his wife, Mrs. Raffo de Vidal planned to attend a family get-together in a city called Chascomus, about 120 km away from Buenos Aires. They left the gathering a little after midnight to head to Maipu, a community not too far away where they also had some friends and relatives.

The Vidals were riding along with another couple on their way to the same destination. That couple arrived on time as planned, but the Vidals did not, which raised some concern. The ensuing search proved fruitless, and friends and family of the Vidals were left to assume the worst. Thankfully, 48 hours later the relatives in Maipu received a call from Dr. Vidal from the Argentinian consulate in Mexico City, approximately 6,400 kilometres away from Maipu. The Vidals were there, and they were safe.

According to the Vidals, as they were driving along the outskirts of Chascomus, a dense fog materialized around the car, and from that point the couple could not recall anything until they woke up 48 hours later in Mexico City.

Rudolph Fentz 1876

Late into a hot June night in 1950, a very strange looking man of about 30 years old appeared out of nowhere, in the midst of traffic. He looked extremely out of place, wearing quaint, super vintage clothing and sporting mutton-chop whiskers. When the man appeared, he was overwhelmed by his surroundings. When he tried to make a run from the cars, he was hit and killed by an oncoming taxi.

When the police searched the man, they found on him antique currency, old business cards in the name of Rudolph Fentz, and a letter sent to Fentz marked in 1876. Of course, a thorough investigation followed. Turns out, there was a man by the name of Rudolph Fentz who had mysteriously gone missing in 1876, and the address of the man matched the one police had found on the body.

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Carlos Mirabelli 1926

Carlos Mirabelli was a Brazilian physical medium and spiritualist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was quite well-known for his ability to perform various seemingly supernatural feats, such as levitation and telekinesis, but the most impressive ability he possessed was arguably his spontaneous teleportation.

In 1926, Mirabelli was about to board a train traveling from Sao Paulo to the port of Santos with some friends when one of his companions saw Mirabelli walk towards the platform and vanish into thin air. In the middle of the day and in front of dozens of witnesses, he faded in a foggy haze as if he were slowly getting erased from existence.


Hey guys, it’s 2017… why isn’t teleportation a thing yet?

Mirabelli’s friends were surprised at his sudden spontaneous vanishing, but things got even stranger when a station master approached them 15 minutes later telling them that they had a call from Mirabelli himself. When his friends spoke to him on the phone, he claimed that he was suddenly in the town of Sao Vincente, which was 56 miles away from the train’s destination. He also claimed that he practically instantaneously transported there, having realized after his supposed materialization that only 2 minutes had passed from when he disappeared at the train station in Sao Paulo.

and finally….

Cape Town 2003

A South African worker was on his way to a power station close to Gordon’s Bay, South Africa in 2003. He had a colleague driving in front of him on the way there. They were close enough that the colleague bore fair witness to the fact that our man was communicating on a cell phone during a certain point of the drive.

 After he was done with it, the worker put the cell phone on the open seat next to him, not expecting anything abnormal to happen. All of a sudden he was overtaken with a strange feeling. When he looked to the open seat, the cell phone was gone. He and his colleague proceeded to look everywhere in the power station parking lot for the phone, but it was nowhere to be found. The colleague kept calling the phone, and eventually they heard its faint ringtone—except it was coming from a stranger’s locked car. They approached the car and, sure enough, there the cell phone was! 

So what did you think of our teleportation cases? Could this be happening right now as you read?

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