Email Tarot Readings

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You can choose this reading or any of the combination of the readings above when you book your time with Mark.

Costs are based on per hour NOT per reading as other readers will charge!

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Please note that Email and WhatsAPP readings are a different service and are costed accordingly.

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Email Readings

R350Per Reading

Email Tarot Readings

Email Tarot Readings

This email tarot would be a 5 card reading and then emailed to you with a photo of the card spread. For the reading we just need your name and any question(s) you would like answered.

Some people prefer these readings as they are not required to be in the room with Mark. Consequently there are no distance issues and the emails are detailed as if you were in the room with Mark himself.

Currently Mark has completed email readings Worldwide with outstanding results and accuracy.

Typically a reading will be delivered within 24 hours of payment.

Price: R350